Am I going to jail for DUI in Nebraska?

You are arrested for DUI in Nebraska because although you are of legal drinking age, you blew a 0.08% BAC or above. You have options, and you won’t necessarily do jail time.

A first-offense DUI rarely carries jail but does subject the client to a $500 fine and a 6-month license revocation. However, you can usually drive during the revocation period if you get the interlock device to prove you are sober each time you start your car.

A first-offense aggravated DUI is a DUI where your Blood Alcohol Content is above 0.15%. This carries a mandatory minimum of 2 days in jail in Omaha, a $500 fine, and a one-year license revocation.

I discuss DUI defense in Omaha and DUI defense in Nebraska further here.

It is also possible to qualify for a diversion program or house arrest if you are sentenced to jail. Call me to discuss your options today.

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